Monday, June 20, 2011

Crowdsourcing captions... image metadata from Antarctica

The Byrd Antarctic Expedition Photo Albums contain more than 3,500 images in 5 albums covering Richard E. Byrd's first and second expeditions to Antarctica in 1928-1930 and 1933-1935, respectively. Over 3,000 digitized images from the albums have been archived in the Knowledge Bank in the Byrd Antarctic Expedition Photo Albums collections.

Although all but a handful of the individual item records have generic keyword metadata, relatively few of the album images in the Knowledge Bank have more specific captions (less than 6 %) as part of the metadata. A researcher in Antarctica recently sent captions to our Polar Curator for an additional 122 Knowledge Bank images. I will be using the DSpace batch metadata editing feature to add the new captions to the existing item metadata. I am also looking at usage of the images respective to the quality of the metadata and to metadata enhancements over time.

Existing keywords: 
expedition members (crew and personnel); books;
recreation; equipment and supplies; furniture

New caption: "The Aviation Pilots in Conference in the Library". Left to right: Dean C. Smith, Alton N. Parker, Richard E. Byrd, Bernt Balchen, and Harold June.

Existing keywords: expedition members (crew and personnel); dogs; animals; equipment and supplies

New caption: Freddie Crockett holding one of the camp's favorite pets, Belle, after she was bitten in a fight.

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